The First Earth-Venus War
The First Earth-Venus War Map




Earth won

Forces from Earth:

Forces from Venus:

The first Earth - Venus war started on 15. April 2392. When Venus bombed the United States. About 2000 people were killed. After the bombing (also known as The April Bombs) the President of United States, Edward John Lawrence said these words:

"It seems, that our friends and allies from Venus are not well with the things we do. So they want to start a war. This is what I want to say: War is declared!'"

~Edward John Lawrence 20. April 2392

The April BombsEdit

On the 15. April 2392, Venus bombed the states of Washington, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, killing about 2000 people and injuring more than 15 000 people. Part of New York City was destroyed and the White House got some minor damage. More that 50 000 people were evacuated from New York City to Canada or other states. About 25 000 never got to have back their old house. Even today, part of Brooklyn is destroyed. The area around (most of Brooklyn) in dangered, but people still live there in spite of the toxic gas around. Venus bombed Washingdon D.C again, on the 28. April 2392.

The Venile SundaeEdit

The Venile Sundae was when Earth attacked Venus on the 25. May 2392 (Sunday). Earth conquered the contry of Venile to make the first Earth base on Venus. Venus had many supporters on Earth, and some of them allowed Venus to use their military bases. There were Earth supporters on Venus, but none of them allowed Earth to use their bases. In the Baltic-Polish Kingdom the day is celebrated as the Getting Venile Day.

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