The April Bombs was an event on the 15. April 2392. This was the day The first Earth-Venus war started.

Bombed statesEdit

Venus bombed the states of Washington, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, killing about 2000 people and injuring more that 15 000 people. Part of New York City was destroyed and the White House got some minor damage. More that 50 000 people were evacuated from New York City to Canada or other states. About 25 000 never got to have back their old house. Even today, part of Brooklyn is destroyed. The area around (most of Brooklyn) in dangered, but people still live there in spite of the toxic gas around. Venus bombed Washington D.C again, on the 28. April 2392.

The second bombing (Washington D.C)Edit

Venus mostly focused on the White House. Altrough many other peoples houses got destroyed too. Washington didn't get as much as damage as New York City got.

Minor bombingsEdit

United States also got some other minor bombings in Texas and Florida. Some of the other countries (except the ones hosting Venus bases) got bombed as well, but since Venus was having and idea to get the United States under it's control, most of the countries didn't get bombed. Some bigger bombings were in Tallinn, Beijing and Moscow.

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