The Great Principality of Savanna
The flag of The coat of arms of
Motto: English: "One life, one love"

Arabic: حياة واحدة، واحدة الحب

Afrikaans: Een lewe, een is lief vir
Anthem: "Oh, Savanna"
Grey: other countries *Green: Savanna
Grey: other countries
  • Green: Savanna
(and largest city)
Savanna City
Official language(s) English, Arabic and Afrikaans
Recognised regional languages Italian and Dutch
Ethnic groups (2099) Libyan 95.5%
  • Italian 5%
  • Other 0.5%
Demonym Savannan
 -  Total 5 km2 
2 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 0.1%
Currency Savannan Dollar (SVD)
Time zone UTC +1
Drives on the left
ISO 3166 code SN
Internet TLD .ly.sav
Calling code +219

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